Millions for AI Customer Service

December 2019

The online-platform Gruenderszene reports that Munich startup E-bot7 has raised a cool 5.5 million euros in fresh capital to advance and develop its smart customer-service software. The basic idea is to integrate artificial intelligence into companies’ existing customer support service, for instance, by suggesting answers to client questions.

Founded in 2016, the company presently has 36 employees but plans for expansion are underway. E-bot7 is set to open offices in Paris and London and has its sights set even further from home.

“For example, we want our software to be able to understand Asian languages quite soon,” says E-bot7 co-founder Fabian Berlinger. “Those markets are full of great potential.”

E-bot7 customers include German rail company Deutsche Bahn, Commerzbank, telecommunications provider O2 and the insurer HDI. The company says it can reduce customer services costs by 35% and increase customer satisfaction by a similar magnitude.

© Pete Linforth on Pixabay