Mixed Reality in the Operating Room

May 2019

A new technology developed in Hamburg could transform surgery across the world. The startup Apoqlar has developed the Virtual Surgery Instructor (VSI), a program that converts CT and MRI scans into 3D models that can be projected directly onto a patient and viewed by a surgeon wearing mixed reality glasses called the Microsoft HoloLens. Physicians can rotate, enlarge or delete the images per voice or gesture during the operation as well as supplement them with additional information, such as lab results, X-rays or ultrasound images.

“The representation of the finest anatomical structures ensures the greatest possible safety during the operation,” says Dr. Hans von Lücken, who performed the first operation using VSI in August at the Marienkrankenhaus hospital in Hamburg.

The hospital is hosting a one-year practical trial of the technology. In addition to assisting surgeons, the technology can also be used to help doctors explain medical conditions to patients.
“We can use 3D models to better explain their illness to patients and to tell them exactly what will happen during the operation,” von Lücken adds.

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