More and More Germans Regularly Play Video Games

March 2023

A joint study by YouGov, Link und Myi Entertainment has confirmed Germany’s growing passion for electronic gaming. The survey found that 70 percent of Germans aged 15 to 79 – the equivalent of 47 million people – play video games at least once a year.

Half of that group play several times a week or daily. The average age of these avid gamers is just over 40, and the average weekly time spent playing is a shade under ten hours. The average German gamer spent over EUR 150 a year on games and equipment. The study didn’t distinguish between games played on mobile phones and on consoles.

Watching others play video games is also a growing pastime, with two out of three gamers tuning into the action on Twitch or YouTube. Turnover in the German gaming industry has been rising exponentially in recent years, and the industry expect robust growth to continue in 2023.

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