Garage Brands

March 2020

Prototyping and co-working under two roofs. Berlin’s Motionlab is an innovative project in a pair of hulking former warehouses in the German capital. Here inventors of tomorrow’s mobility solutions can share access to necessary equipment such as 3D printers and laser cutters and swap ideas with their peers.

The facility, which includes 1000 square meters of outdoor testing space, is home to everything from next-generation delivery e-bikes to a modular chassis for trying out automotive parts to fat-tire, electric scooters that can be driven either standing up or sitting down.

MotionLab was founded in 2017 and bills itself as the “biggest prototyping space in Europe.” It offers both office spaces and “maker’s garages” to fledgling entrepreneurs at bargain prices.

“Every big company started in a garage,” the website says. “So what are you still waiting for?”

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