Ms. European Tech Champion

December 2019

The start-up scene in Germany, as is the case elsewhere, can be a very male-dominated domain. But Munich entrepreneur Monja Mühling is used to being the only woman at investor conferences.

Mühling’s company is called Smartlane, and it aims to revolutionize the still very traditional logistics sector with cloud-based, machine-learning AI software. It will enable users to better monitor and steer delivery times, driver capacities, customer wishes and fleet sizes. “Transport mining” is what Mühling calls the idea.

At a pitching event this May, she succeeded in winning over a powerful ally, venture capital investor Frank Thelen, who is putting a figure in the high single million range into the fledgling company.

“When I started evaluating the idea for Smartlane, I could hardly believe how analogue the (logistics) business is in a lot of areas,” Thelen says. “Smartlane has the potential to become a European tech champion.”

Monja Mühling (2nd from left) with members of the Smartlane team © Smartlane