Munich Healthtech Funding Reaches Nearly EUR One Billion

June 2022

Over the past decade, healthtech startups in the Bavarian capital have taken in just under EUR 968 million in financing – that’s according to information compiled by the website Munich Startup in its Data & Insights Dashboard.

And the general trend is upward. Around one-third of that sum, EUR 323 million, was achieved last year alone, and EUR 183 million came by late June of this year. All told, Munich healthtech start-ups are valued at more than EUR 3 billion.

The website says that there are currently 177 start-ups in the city that can be considered part of this ecosystem. The young companies are primarily active in four sectors: biotechnology, health platforms, medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

The most highly valued companies are Kaia Health (EUR 273-409 million), Tubulis (EUR 240-360 million) and Avi Medical (EUR 200-300 million).

The team of Munich healthcare-start-up Climedo © Climedo