Munich Start-Up Makes Kit for EV-Retrofitting Trucks and Busses

April 2022

With political and environmental pressure growing to cut transportation-related CO2 emissions , newcomer Pepper Motion from the Bavarian capital wants to electrify diesel haulage trucks and busses. The start-up says that retrofitting is a crucial aspect of Germany reaching its ambitious greenhouse-gas reduction targets.

“If we don’t electrify the vehicles that are already there, we have no chance of converting the fleet,” Pepper CEO Andreas Hager told business newspaper Handelsblatt, adding that a diesel vehicle registered today will likely still be on the road in 2050. “We give used utility vehicles a second life as EVs.”

Pepper has already taken in tens of millions in capital and currently offers conversion “kits” for four Mercedes heavy vehicle models, with MAN and Iveco vehicles set to be added to the portfolio next year. Its goal is to convert as many as 60,000 vehicles by the end of the decade.

Conversions cost around EUR 300,000, but Pepper argues the cost of running and maintaining diesel vehicles over ten years is far higher.

The conversions use electric portal axes made by German manufacturer ZF and Pepper’s self-developed Vehicle Control Unit.

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