Munich’s 5G Tech Lab

August 2021

The place to be for young entrepreneurs into 5G right now is Munich’s Wayra 5G Tech Lab, a project created by the Telefónica/O2’s in-house start up accelerator, Wayra Germany.

Opened in June, it features a high-performance, standalone 5G for start-ups in the Bavarian capital that is superior to previously common commercial 5G networks that build on existing 4G infrastructures. The Tech Lab can radio at 3.7 gigahertz frequencies with 100 megahertz bandwidth to ensure seamless transmission of large amounts of data in real-world applications.

Wayra says focuses will include the following: the Industry of Things (IoT), drones, robotics, virtual reality, data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and process automation.

“Currently, there is no comparable infrastructure in Germany for start-ups that is so easily accessible and equipped to such a high technical standard,” Wayra Germany CEO Florian Bogenschütz told the regional economic promotion agency Invest in Bavaria. “With our 5G Tech Lab, 5G applications can be tested live and transferred to commercial use in everyday life.”

Young companies can benefit from lab and apply for the extensive Wayra accelerator program here .


Wayra 5G Tech Lab © Maximilian Ostermeier