N2telligent Fire Prevention

September 2019

One of the biggest needs of large warehouses, especially deep-freeze ones, is fire prevention since in the wrong circumstances, even frozen chickens can be highly flammable.

That’s where N2lligence, a company based in Hamburg and Wismar, comes in. N2lligence’s fire protection solutions are based on the idea of using exhaust air from electricity-providing fuel cells to lower the oxygen content to the point that fires cannot ignite.

The company is now a subsidiary of the Japanese Fuji Electric Group, and its clients include Mercedes Benz, Dr. Oetker, the Air Liquide research center in Paris and the Minerals Council South Africa.

N2telligence works with Minimax, a fire-prevention company based in Bad Oldesloe. Last year, their joint fuel cell-based OXEO ECOPREVENT FC system was named “Product of the Year” at Europe’s largest fire-prevention trade fair.

“QuattroGeneration” the fuel cell system for energy supply and preventive fire protection in a single system © Fuji N2telligence GmbH