New Electricity App

May 2020

Can consumers save money by running appliances and charging batteries when electricity prices are lowest? Tibber says they can, and this spring the Norwegian start-up brought its services to Germany.

“I wouldn’t call us an energy company – we’re a technology company that also sells energy,” Tibber co-founder and CEO Edgeir Aksnes told German business newspaper Handelsblatt. “We’re the only ones who don’t earn money from the volume of electricity sold and who work completely digitally.”

Instead of charging customers based on how much electricity they use, clients pay a EUR 3.99 monthly fee for the service, which allows them to allocate their energy consumption economically using their smartphones. Tibber adjusts the price of electricity on an hourly basis and doesn’t add any surcharges.

Tibber is one of several young, green digital companies that are trying to disrupt the German electricity market, which has traditionally been dominated by large, established conglomerates.

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