New EV and Hybrid Registrations Way Up in Germany in 2019

Number of new German registrations for electric and hybrid vehicles increased dramatically last year

January 2020

Germany’s Federal Office for Motorized Transportation, the KBA, has published figures showing a massive percentage increase in the use of electric and hybrid vehicles.

239,250 new hybrid vehicles were registered in the country last year – a rise of 83.7 percent over 2018. Among those vehicles were 45,348 plug-in hybrids, which saw new registrations rise by 44.2 percent. 62,281 new purely electric vehicles were registered – an increase of 75.5 percent.

Hybrids accounted for 6.6 percent and EVs 1.8 percent of new vehicles on German roads last year. The rise of alternatively powered vehicles coincides with the start of major initiatives among Germany’s big carmakers to transition away from combustion-engine vehicles. The German government offers subsidies of up to 6000 euros for the purchase of a new plug-in hybrid or EV.

“The increased number of fully and partially electric vehicles is part of the ongoing trend in the German automotive industry, and you can expect further rapid growth in future,” says Germany Trade and Invest automotive expert Stefan Di Bitonto. “Electric mobility is a booming sector and offers excellent investment opportunities.”

Prius C hybrid car © Davgood Kirshot on Pixabay