New Meat Substitutes

February 2021

With more and more people going vegetarian and vegan, more and more food companies are looking for products that taste like meat but aren’t.

Berlin start-us Meati and Mushlabs use dietary fibers made from the roots of mushrooms to simulate the experience of meat. Producing a faux-schnitzel takes as little as a day, and the fibers grow in the dark, saving energy costs and yielding an enviable CO2 balance.  In 2020, Meati succeeded in raising USD 28 million from a VC investor from Colorado.

What mushrooms are for Meati, insects and leftovers are to the Bremen start-up CheWOW. Among its first products were patties made of high-protein buffalo worms and gyros made from pumpkin seed husks left over in the production of pumpkin seed oil.

CheWow’s meatless groceries are available online and in select supermarkets.

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