New Plant for Valeo in Bremen

June 2019

The global automotive supplier Valeo has enjoyed so much success that it has decided to quintuple the size of its operations in Bremen. In March, the Paris-based company inaugurated a new plant in the Hansalinie Industrial Park offering 10,000 sqm of space. Since 2014, Valeo has had a facility in Bremen to manufacture so-called “thermal front-end modules.” These complex components, which are specially designed for each car model, are attached to the front of vehicles to support attachments such as headlights, radiators, air-conditioning components and crash-management systems.

The new facility will include a conveyor system to automatically load customers’ trucks, with an eye toward making the production process even more efficient. The plant’s location near the Autobahn and Bremen’s port facilities will facilitate just-in-time and just-in-sequence production. The company has 20 assembly, production and R&D sites as well as multiple distribution bases in Germany, which together employ some 6,500 people.

Opening ceremony of the new plant © WFB/Frank Pusch