Portable Science

July 2020

Sir Isaac Newton revolutionized science, and Norway’s Newton company is hoping to do the same with high-quality STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) instruction for pupils in Germany and elsewhere.

Newtonrooms are mobile classrooms, often in the form of shipping containers, containing all the equipment and facilities needed for specific education modules. Trained Newton teachers run the instruction, which is designed by schools in conjunction with the company.

The emphasis is on digital learning. For example in March, as part of the first instruction held in Germany, pupils of the Newton Module Up in the Air with Numbers in the Boeing Digital Solutions & Analytics Lab Frankfurt took part in a virtual air search and rescue mission. That involved creating their own flight plan and flying simulators.

Studies forecast shortages of teachers and equipment throughout Germany primary schools in the years to come, a gap Newton is aiming to fill.

“The German market is attractive to Newtonroom, because Germany is a country highly focused on tech industries and education,” says Newtonroom CEO Stian Elstad. “With Newtonrooms being set up around Germany, our company’s investment is multiplied many times through local industry and local government investment into the STEM education field.”

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