NRW Performing Well

August, 2018

North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) performed exceptionally well in the 2018 ranking of Europe’s most attractive regions and cities for investment conducted by London’s fDi magazine. NRW took first place in the “Human Capital and Lifestyle” category, due in part to its high concentration of universities, higher-education facilities, other research facilities and students. The western state also ranked second in the categories of “Large Regions of the Future,” “Western European Regions of the Future,” and “Best for FDI Strategy.” While NRW took third place in the ranking overall, it was followed by Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria in fourth and fifth place respectively.

There were also two new records set in 2017 in terms of foreign direct investment (FDI) in North Rhine-Westphalia: The 421 settlement or expansion projects will create a record 9,750 jobs (+13% over the previous year), and the number of investments from European countries reached a new record (253). The top origin countries were China (96), Turkey (46), the Netherlands (42), the UK (36) and the US (32). The United States was also the top job-creator, being responsible for 1,470 new jobs, especially from Amazon and Ford.

Cologne, NRW, by night © Pixabay