One to Watch: Ida Tin, co-founder and CEO of Clue

July 2019

Ida Tin coined the term “Femtech” – “a business category where technology is used to solve the needs of women arising from biology.” Clue, the business she co-founded with her partner Hans Raffauf, is the embodiment of Femtech: a global app to help women track and understand their menstrual cycles and share the data with their partners and families. But it’s so much more. “It’s a place where women can gather data about themselves to help navigate life better,” says Tin. “When women understand their bodies, they have a stronger voice in the world. Reproductive health is connected to identity, mood, and gender roles.” Tin comes from an entrepreneurial family: “My parents were adventurers – I grew up with the feeling that you could create your own work life in line your values,” she says. The idea for Clue arose before Tin had children (“I asked myself, why have there been no innovations in family planning since the 1950s?”), but she used the app to help conceive her second son.

Clue now boasts over 10m active users across 190 countries, but the strategy is to continue innovating with the main app rather than launch others. With Tin at the helm, Clue’s trajectory is bound to differ from most silicon start-ups. “We care about creating positive changes in the world,” she says. “We care about our content being scientifically valid. We care about our users and how we treat each other.” For a female entrepreneur, Berlin is the “ideal city” to thrive in.

Ida Tin, co-founder and CEO of Clue © Gordon Welters/laif


Quick facts

Name: Ida Tin

Age: 40

Nationality: Danish

Company name: Clue

Founded: 2012; app launched: 2013

Based in Berlin

Industry: Femtech

Number of employees: 62

Capital Invested €26.4m in total