One to Watch: INFARM

Erez Galonska, CEO and co-founder of INFARM

February, 2017

INFARM is a Berlin-based company which is pioneering on-demand, hydroponic farming services with a bold vision to help cities become independent in their food production. Harvesting the talents of plant scientists, industrial designers, business and IT experts, the 50-strong team have devised an innovative “Farming as a Service” (FaaS™) model: for a monthly fee, subscribers receive capacity in a farm located either in their own premises or in the INFARM city-farm. Their patented vertical farming technology is modular and easily deployed in any location, be it a school, restaurant, supermarket or hospital.

Erez Galonska, CEO and co-founder of INFARM | © Jan Zappner

Erez Galonska hopes to democratize farming and bring consumers closer to their food. “My partners and I come from backgrounds in gastronomy and traditional farming in Israel, and we’ve always been passionate about food,” he says. “Urban indoor farming has the potential to empower local communities to grow food that is both healthier and more sustainable. Our systems reduce water use, require less fertilizer and eliminate the need for pesticides. In addition, much of our produce is grown at the point of consumption, which eliminates the supply chain. The freshest produce is the healthiest because it contains all the original nutrients that are lost when the produce is transported and refrigerated.”

The INFARM team chose to launch in Germany because it has a large market for organic food and invests significantly in new technology. “Berlin is ideal because it’s a hub of innovation and real estate prices are still relatively low, which has afforded us time to really focus on R&D to develop the best product possible.” To see one of their farms, METRO Cash & Carry supermarket in Berlin has installed an INFARM system, which grows herbs, leafy vegetables and microgreens for customers.

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