Online Medicine: Teledermatology

May 2020

Teledermatology is becoming popular Germany. The prize-winning Swiss sector leader OnlineDoctor has expanded its services, partnering with the Professional Association of German Dermatologists and attracting more than 150 physicians to its Internet platform “online doctor“.

Patients send photos of affected skin to the website and receive diagnoses within two days and usually after a couple hours. That avoids having to wait, as in 85 percent of cases dermatologists don’t actually need to see patients. A virtual “visit” costs 39 euros.

Founder Paul Scheidegger got the idea after regularly receiving photos from colleagues and friends. Patients have no problem taking photos of themselves, he says.

“It quickly became clear that patients use technology much more as a matter of course than physicians and that there was a real need for the service,” he explained.


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