Personalized Skin Cream in 7 Minutes

April 2019

Finding the skin cream that’s just right for you can be an arduous – and expensive – process, but scientists at Germany’s Frauenhofer Society for Applied Research have found a solution. They’ve come up with a machine that analyzes the specific needs of individual people’s skin and then synthesizes a custom-designed cream within 7 minutes.

The creams confirm to EU cosmetics requirements, are dermatologically tested and contain no unnecessary additives. “Mini beauty factories” (roughly the size of a horoscope machine) that produce the creams are currently being tested out in drugstores in three German cities, and the plan is to make them available in all major German markets by the end of this year. Researchers also hope to develop a version for use at home, too.

“The effectiveness of skin creams depend greatly on how well they fit individual users’ needs,” says Germany Trade & Invest Chemicals and Health Manager Julia Albrecht. “So this innovation could have a significant impact in this sector.”

© Fraunhofer IPA/Rainer Bez