Polish Expansion

December 2019

Poland’s largest multi-channel IT, electronics and telecommunications dealer, x-kom, is looking to get even bigger – by expanding into neighboring Germany. In addition to its online shops, the company operates thirty brick-and-mortar stores in Poland. According to the press release of the company, it is establishing its main German office in the eastern city of Dresden.

“Dresden is a lovely place with great people, an excellent university and a reputation world-wide,” says x-kom Germany CEO Karol Pankiewicz. “The city is a starting point and point of attraction for many trends, ideas and minds in e-commerce and digital retail. This will enrich our future team and future strategy, and we’re particularly looking forward to it.”

In 2018, x-kom employed around 1400 and did over 1.5 billion zloty in turnover. X-kom Germany will also maintain a presence in the capital Berlin.

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