Private Investment Discovers European Renewables

June 2022

In addition to the German government’s sweeping “Easter package” of energy reforms, renewable energy businesses in Germany can also hope for infusions of capital from private investors.

The world’s largest assets manager Blackrock has launched a new initiative, the “Perpetual Infrastructure Strategy,” aimed at promoting a climate-neutral economy.

“We’re on the verge of a new milestone in in achieving the transition to clean  energy,” the head of Blackrock Germany, Dirk Schmitz, told business newspaper Handelsblatt. With our new investment solution, we’ll help collect the funds necessary for a reconfiguration of the energy economy. Our customers, for example, will be able to profit from investments in renewable energy.”

Schmitz added that more than half of the funds would be targeted at European investments.

“With the Perpetual Infrastructure Strategy, we’ll begin by working with international founding partners,” Schmitz said. “Here, too, Europe and Germany will one focus.”

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