Prototype Battery Recycling Plant Breaks Ground

August 2022

German chemicals multinational BASF has begun construction on a test plant for recycling batteries in the town of Schwarzheide of the eastern regional state of Brandenburg. The new facility represents an expansion of the company’s activities in this area.

“This plant is the next step in further growing our recycling footprint,” said Matthias Dohrn, BASF senior vice president of battery base metals and recycling, in a company statement. “It will enable the fast and effective scale-up of the battery recycling technology for a closed-loop battery material value chain. We expect to build a commercial scale battery recycling plant based on the technology developed, tested and refined in the prototype plant by the middle of this decade.”

The prototype plant aims to improve results in recycling nickel, cobalt and manganese from end-of-life lithium-ion batteries. Those metals will be used in BASF’s production of cathode active materials (CAM).

The state of Brandenburg is increasingly coming into the focus of the international battery sector, with Tesla to make batteries at its gigafactory in Grünheide and Rock Tech Lithium constructing a EUR 470 million production plant for battery-grade lithium hydroxide in the town of Guben.

© Oliver Killig