Public Transport Deliveries

February 2021

With many urban areas increasing in population and roads and other traffic routes becoming more congested, Germany’s Transportation and Digital Infrastructure Minister Andreas Scheuer has called for a rethink on how deliveries are made.

“Innovative and creative traffic concepts are needed,” Scheuer told the Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper, adding that the forwarding of goods with public transport was one such idea. “For example, you could transport parcels with the tram from a logistics hub into a city center, where the recipient could pick them up in a micro hub. Or they are delivered with cargo bikes.”

The idea has attracted support from leaders in the logistics sector, for example the CEO of the logistics group of German mail company Deutsche Post. The southwest German city of Karlsruhe already has a tram prototype ready for 2022 to transport both people and goods.

Studies have suggested that 50 percent of Germans would be willing to a one- or two-euro surcharge for environmentally friendly delivery.

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