Pumping Up the Heat

January 2021

Germany’s Association of Heat Pumps (bwp) says that a record 120,000 of the energy-efficient devices were installed in the country in 2020. That represents not only a new record but an annual growth rate of a whopping 40 percent.

Experts put the significant rise in demand in part down to government support.

“This development makes it clear that state subsidy measures for environmental heating systems are being well received – it’s a nice victory for the national governments climate protection program,” said bwp chairman Paul Waning in a statement.

Almost one quarter of the pumps newly installed in 2020 replaced old oil-heating units. There are currently more than one million heating pumps in use in Germany. They have saved more than 17 million tons of CO2 – and counting.

“Heat pumps are the surest and most efficient way of transforming renewable electricity into heating or cooling,” Warning added. “Employing heat pumps in the heating sector is an incomparable effective key technology for meeting our climate protection goals in the heating sector.”

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