Quantum Cooperation

January 2020

To build the next generation of super-computers, commercial and scientific heavyweights will probably need to team up. For this reason, Google is joining together with Germany’s Jülich Supercomputing Center to further develop this future-oriented technology.

The institute is already home to Germany’s fastest supercomputer, capable of performing 12 trillion calculations a second, which gives it the power of 60,000 conventional desktop computers. Now the center wants to operate a quantum computer with 50 to 100 qubits.

The project is planned for the next ten years and budgeted with a billion euros. Enter Google, which has been working for years to develop quantum processors and algorithms.

“We have keenly followed the developments in Europe and are very happy to cooperate with the Jülich Research Center to help make quantum technologies in Europe a success,” says Google Technical Director and Quantum Artificial Intelligence Director Hartmut Neven.

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