Quick Chargers

June 2019

One of the main disadvantages of electric versus conventional automobiles is the amount of time needed to charge batteries.

Since July 2016, the research project FastCharge, co-initiated by BMW and Siemens, has been trying to address that problem, and it’s been making progress. Researchers recently unveiled a prototype of an ultra-fast charging station on the Autobahn A8. It has a capability of 450 kW – a huge improvement over the mere 42 kW of 90% of all charging stations in Germany.

Before the new type of station can be used, today’s electric cars will also have to be modified to handle such a quick jolt of power. But BMW has carried out a successful test on an adapted i3 model. It needed only 15 minutes to charge from 10 to 80% and was able to take in enough power in only three minutes to drive 100 kilometers.

Ultra-fast charging station in Jettingen-Scheppach © Siemens