Quintet of German Start-Ups with 80-Million-Plus Financing Rounds

February 2022

There was no let-up in the first weeks of 2022 in big deals involving innovative young technology companies based in Germany. Fintech took the spotlight. Here’s our bimonthly review.

Heimkapital, Munich, EUR 300 million, fintech: The biggest winner of early 2022 was Heimkapital from the Bavarian capital. The company offers homeowners the chance to raise capital by selling parts of their property. For the undisclosed investors, that idea was worth a cool 300 million euros. Photo: The founders of Heimkapital (from left to right) Dimitrij Miller, Julia Schabert and Benedikt Wenninger © Heimkapital GmbH

Patient21, Berlin, USD 142 million, medtech: From used cars to health services is an unusual lateral move, but that’s the one Christopher Muhr has made. The former COO of the Auto1 start-up, himself a cancer sufferer, is co-founder of Patient21. It provides a digital platform for storing patient records, thus increasing efficiency. Photo: © Patient21

Vivid, Berlin, EUR 100 million, fintech: Another large-scale round of financing takes the value of this neo-bank in the German capital to over three-quarters of a billion euros. Vivid promises users not only conventional banking services but the chance to manage investments in everything from stocks to cryptocurrencies. Dutch co-founder Artem Iamanov says the fresh capital will be used to develop a “super app.” Photo: © Vivid

Vay, Berlin, USD 95 million, mobility: Finding a parking spot in big cities can be a major hassle, but what if you could hire someone to park your vehicle remotely? That’s the idea behind Vay, an autonomous driving start-up from the German capital. It plans to use its newly raised funds to start commercial services in Germany’s second largest city, Hamburg. Photo: The founders of Vay (from left to right) Fabrizio Scelsi, Thomas von der Ohe and Bogdan Djukic © Vay Technology GmbH

Lendis, Berlin, EUR 80 million, home office as a service: Working from home is here to stay – that’s the thinking of this start-up, which rents office furniture, laptops and hardware to people who do their jobs within their own four walls. Lendis says it has already equipped more than 100,000 employees from 1000 companies with everything they need for the perfect home office. Photo: The founders of Lendis, Stavros Papadopoulos (left) and Julius Bolz © Lendis

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