The Proactive Pulse Pad

August 2019

Forget the clutter and irritation of strap-on monitors, ECG electrodes and knots of cable. Just sit down and relax.

The Berlin-based start-up Visseiro has come up with a simple, award-winning solution for monitoring key vital signs in real time: an ergonomically designed “smart pad” that can be used while seated through normal clothing, or even in a bed beneath a newborn baby.

The contactless, radiation-free device safely, continuously and accurately monitors heart rate, heart rate variability, respiration rate, and respiration amplitude – and more vital signs are in the works.

Whether in hospitals, care establishments or private homes, the comfortable, gel-filled device can immediately detect critical changes in vital signs and serve as a remotely-monitored, proactive alarm.

Visseiro smart chair cushion © Visseiro