Recycling CO2

November 2019

When environmentalists talk about carbon dioxide, it’s most about how to reduce it. But what if the greenhouse gas could be recycled into something beneficial?

That’s the idea behind a new procedure being worked on by researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology IGB and the University of Stuttgart.

The project “PiCK – Plasma-Induced CO2 Conversion for the Storage of Renewable Energies” is about employing plasma to split CO2 into oxygen and carbon monoxide, which can be used in the production of chemicals.

“If electrons excited in this plasma collide with CO2 molecules, this causes CO2 to decompose into the desired products carbon monoxide and oxygen,” explains project coordinator Dr. Andreas Schulz.

The research is being funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research as part of the Energiewende, Germany’s drive to convert to non-nuclear sustainable energy.

© Pixource on Pixabay