Renewable Synthetic Fuel

February 2020

Researchers at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT have come up with a method of using renewable electricity to create synthetic fuel. It filters CO2 from the air, produces hydrogen and carbon monoxide through the co-electrolysis technology, and then creates hydrocarbon molecules and optimizes the fuels.

“The combination of technologies promises optimum utilization of the carbon dioxide used and the greatest possible energy efficiency, as the material and energy flows are recycled internally,” writes KIT.

A pilot system designed by the KIT in conjunction with the companies Climeworks, Ineratec and Sunfire was able to make 10 liters of fuel. The joint project hopes to develop a 200-liter system and then a facility to demonstrate the possibility of industrial-scale production.

It is believed that in the future synthetic fuels will be used for such applications as heavy-duty truck transport and energy storage.

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