Revving Up

June 2020

Manuel Hartong and Michael Anton Naderer came up with the idea for their start-up “dynamic E flow” while driving together in a rented electric vehicle.

“We passed a number of cars, then drove up a hill, and the motor shut down because it overheated,” the two entrepreneurs from the Bavarian town of Kaufbeuren say.

Dynamic E flow aims to solve this problem.

Hartong and Naderer claim their innovative product can double motor performance without increasing motor size by using copper wire to disperse coolants to engine coils.

They believe their solution can be used in air taxis, industrial machinery, and electric buses and trucks. At the moment, dynamic E flow sells individual electric motors to niche companies and has development agreements with larger carmakers and aviation enterprises.

But in the future, Hartong and Naderer hope they will design new motors in collaboration with these partners.

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