Rule Changes Encourage German Onshore Wind Energy

April 2022

Germany’s Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action and the Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection have agreed on a set of national standards for the construction of onshore wind turbines. The move will streamline permit proceedings for new facilities and encourage the rapid expansion of Germany’s wind power capacity.

“In the future, there will be clear, binding rules for the protection of natural species for the expansion of wind energy,” said Economic Affairs Minister Robert Habeck in a statement. “Now the path is clear for more land to be used for wind energy. We waited too long for this agreement. It’s particularly important right now since, more than ever, we need to free ourselves from the constraints of oil and natural gas imports…The areas available to search for appropriate locations have been significantly expanded.

“The brakes [on wind energy] have been removed,” added Environment Minister Steffi Lemke.

The new rules also make it easier to replace older wind turbines with newer ones, so-called “repowering.” The agreement will see wind power providers contribute to programs at protecting animal and plant species in Germany.

“This agreement is a major step for the further expansion of wind power in Germany,” says Germany Trade & Invest wind energy expert Esther Frey. “New areas can be used for wind park projects, and repowering has been made easier. It’s a good start toward the government’s official goal of using two percent of Germany’s square land area for wind power.”

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