Saxony Bids to Become Germany’s Robotics Hotspot

January 2022

In business, the eastern German state of Saxony is perhaps best known for its microchip industry – the region is nicknamed “Silicon Saxony.” Its automotive sector, which includes facilities of all Germany’s top carmakers, is also quite prominent. Now, the Saxons want to add a third jewel in the crown: robotics.

Germany is Europe’s leading business location for automation and robot applications. But it doesn’t have a clear robotics capital, a gap Saxony aims to fill.

“There’s nothing wrong with a little competition between various locations and pushes robotics be ensuring multiple emphases,” Olaf Gehrels, spokesman for the German Robotics Association, told business newspaper Handelsblatt. “The network in Saxony has developed a model momentum of its own.

The sector has the active support of the regional economic promotion agency, which is pushing the label “Robot Valley Saxony.” And more than 330 companies and research institutes, employing some 35,000 people, already make their home in Saxony, particularly in the city of Dresden. They include rising star Wandelbots as well as start-ups like PowerON, which is developing technology to give robots an artificial sense of touch.

“Dresden is well on its way to becoming the place to be for robotics,” PowerON co-founder Markus Henke told Handelsblatt. “It’s a great microcosm with a community of people that inspire one another.”

“Wandelbots and their enthusiastic work on Robot Valley Saxony is an excellent example of a company being very interested in contributing to the development of regional clusters,” says Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI) robotics expert Peggy Görlitz. “Along with the excellent market potential, another advantage of Germany as a location in access to an ultra-modern research infrastructure and expertise as well as excellence clusters and digital hubs. These factors make it attractive for international companies to invest in further developing robots and robotics applications in Germany.”

GTAI is working together with Robot Valley Saxony and will be attended the International Robotics Festival Saxony planned for September 22, 2022.

Programming with the TracePen © Wandelbots


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