Seeing Clearly Through Corona

February 2021

One minor but constant inconvenience of the coronavirus pandemic – at least for the many people without perfect vision – is that face masks cause their glasses to fog up.

But Hamburg start-up Smart Light Solutions have come up with a remedy: a chemically treated, microfiber cloth called Foogy that can be used up to 200 times and keeps lenses clear for ten hours at a go.

Ironically, the original focus of the company, which was founded in 2017, was intelligent lights for parking spaces – hence the firm’s name. The cloths were a not-especially-lucrative sideline. But demand has exploded since March 2020, rocketing from 10,000 units a year to 500,000 per month. In a report in business magazine Wirtschaftswoche, the company says it has been forced to put off plans for international expansion because it’s being swamped by domestic orders.

And Smart Light isn’t the only firm profiting from this new niche. Drugstore chain report a run on all sorts of products designed to combat foggy glasses, including cloths and sprays.

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