Online Fraud Detector

July 2020

Online retail has been booming as a result of coronavirus lockdowns – and with it fraud and copyright infringement. German start-up Sentryc offers a  potential remedy.

Sentryc founder Nicole Hofmann points out that 54 percent of all counterfeit products are sold via online retailers and social networks – and that 70 percent of all manufacturing companies have encountered the problem.

Sentryc’s self-teaching algorithm hunts down the fakes on the basis of key words, images and product descriptions, and Hofmann says it’s 84 percent accurate. Hofmann says that at present protective facial masks are one of the most commonly counterfeited products.

Sentryc’s services are available as a subscription service starting at EUR 600 a month. The company was started in 2019 in Berlin and employs 24 people.

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