Shell Plans to Go Green

October 2020

The German subsidiary of petroleum giant Shell has announced a major turn toward ecological products.

Electricity provider Shell Energy got the ball rolling with the news that in future all of its power will come from renewable sources. And that’s just the beginning. The parent conglomerate has stated that Germany will serve as a test case for greening its global operations.

“By 2050, we won’t be selling any more liquid fossil fuel in Germany,” said the head of Shell Germany, Fabian Ziegler, in a statement. “We’ll be a completely different company.”

Shell is converting its large-scale refinery in the Rhineland in western Germany to produce synthetic and bio-fuels and green hydrogen. The company also says it plans to shift focus to solar and wind energy and has set a target of reducing its CO2 emission in Germany by one-third by 2030.

LNG station of Shell in Germany © Shell Deutschland