Shipping Getting Digital

April 2019

Shipping is an industry with a very long history and a number of proud traditions. But some aspects could definitely benefit from fresh ideas and technology. Hamburg, home of the second-busiest port in Europe, is helping bring the industry into the digital age.

For example, several government bodies and companies there are teaming up to launch an efficient, user-friendly online portal to the Hamburg Ship Register which is Germany’s largest with its roughly 7,000 registrations. The portal is set to be launched next year. All amendments to the register are currently done the old-fashioned way: by hand.

In a similar innovation, the Hamburg-based startup NautilusLog has developed an app that allows captains to record crucial data – such as speed, course, position, cargo, weather info and daily events – on their smartphones and then have it stored in the cloud for simplified access and distribution. The app, which is currently being tested in the Port of Hamburg and on several container ships, also aims to help vessels monitor their equipment, tasks and emissions more easily as well as to keep an inventory of any hazardous materials on board.

Ship in the port of Hamburg © Pixabay