Siemens Gamesa Builds World Record Wind Turbine

October 2022

Spanish-German company Siemens Gamesa has constructed a prototype wind turbine that could redefine the standards for wind electricity generation.

The SG14-222 DD has a record rotor diameter of 236 meters, with the individual blades measuring 115 meters. It covers a wind area of 43,500 square meters.

The turbine is not only big but powerful, with a nominal output of 14 and a peak output of 15 megawatts. It can produce 359 megawatts of electricity in a single day, enough to power 18,000 households or allow one electric vehicle to drive 1.8 million kilometers. That’s five percent more than the most powerful existing turbine.

The SG14-222 DD is designed for offshore use, but the prototype was assembled on land in northern Denmark. Serial production of the turbine is scheduled for 2024.

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