Smart Dog Collar

May 2019

Whether at the gym or throughout the day, many of us wear fitness trackers on our chests or wrists to record things like how many steps we take or calories we burn ecery day. A Bielefeld-based startup has made this kind of tracking available to man’s best friend, developing a sensor-equipped dog collar that communicates with a smartphone app.
Like a human fitness tracker, the dog-walking app lets you see and record on a map where canines are, how far they’ve traveled and in how much time. But those aren’t the only features: The app also provides exercise and nutrition tips tailored to the needs of specific breeds and allows owners to network with others to help form walking groups for these pack animals. Since releasing the app in November 2018, CollarCare has already attracted more than 10,000 users.

Dog with a traditional collar © Pixabay/ Rebecca Schönbrodt-Rühl