Smart Thermostats

May 2020

Vilisto has been raking in the prizes. The Hamburg-based  B2B start-up, which produces intelligent radiator thermostats, nabbed the German Innovation Prize for Climate and Environment this spring, and in 2019 it won the prestigious Perpetuum Award for innovation in energy efficiency. Last summer, vilisto took in seven figures worth of venture capital to fund further growth.

“We deliberately opted for smart capital when selecting the investors,” said Christoph Berger, founder and CEO of vilisto. The smart capital trend emphasizes long-term and strategic growth and relies on investors’ experience and access to networks.

Digital heating technology can save clients up to 25 percent in energy costs, the company claims. Vilisto’s solutions are based on artificial intelligence technology, which can memorize users’ behavior and regulate heating to meet various weather conditions.

The technology also includes sensors that only heat rooms when they’re actually being used.

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