Measurement System Helps Farmers Cut Corners and Costs

July 2022

Farmers’ lives may be about to get a bit easier. The Stenon company from Potsdam in Brandenburg state has developed a system called FarmLab for carrying out soil analysis without having to send samples to a laboratory. The field device takes thousands of measurements including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, carbon and magnesium levels as well as parameters like temperature, moisture, pH value, soil type and texture.

The system uses GPS and is networked, so that farmers can get fertilizer recommendations and field maps for application. FarmLab will cut costly laboratory analysis out of the loop and optimize fertilizer use. “The product serves the real needs of the farmer and solves real challenges facing their land,” says Daniel Töppe, deputy chairman of the executive board of the farmers’ association in the Brandenburg community of Groß Machnow.

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