Solar’s German Comeback

April 2020

On the back of a record year for renewable energy sources, experts are particularly  hailing a comeback for solar power after some difficult years at the start of the millennium. In 2018 2.81 gigawatts worth of solar energy producers were installed – a rise of more than 30 percent over the previous year.

“Although most solar modules now come from Asia, many German suppliers and project planners have become established on the world market,” wrote Anna Steiner in the FAZ newspaper.

Solar power plants are profiting from being far cheaper to build and maintain than wind parks. In addition, it’s easier to install solar production units directly on sites where power is needed.

A change in government legislation has also done its bit. In 2019, the cap on support for photovoltaic solar power of 52 GW was removed, and the state has committed to support solar energy as part of its comprehensive climate package.

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