Startups Close 2020 with Strong Financing

December 2020

Amidst the continuing turmoil caused by the coronavirus pandemic in late 2020, a number of German startups had remarkable success raising capital. Here are five fledgling firms that attracted significant investments.

  • SellerX (e-commerce) EUR 100 million: This young company acquires and optimizes Amazon shops – a tried and tested idea.
  • McMakler (proptech) EUR 50 million: The Internet real estate platform uses digitalization to streamline the work of property sellers and make it more efficient.

McMakler CEO and founder Felix Jahn © McMakler

  • Forto (logistics) EUR 50 million: Formerly known as Freighthub, Forto bills itself as a “digital delivery company” and says it can improve on-time shipping performance by 15 percent while reducing costs by an equal proportion.

Forto management team (from right to left): Michael Wax, Erik Muttersbach, Michael Ardelt  © Forto

  • Gorillas (food) EUR 40 million: This start-up has developed an app allowing customers to order groceries, pledging to deliver them in ten minutes.
  • Tourlane (travel) EUR 20 million. Corona may have put the kibosh on many vacations and other forms of travel, but investors clearly think that this platform, which promises expert advice to custom-design trips, has a bright future.

The founders of Tourlane, Julian Stiefel (left) and Julian Weselek © Tourlane

The list underscores the dominance of Berlin on the start-up scene – all of these companies come from the German capital.