Steel H2 Alliance

February 2021

Steel producer Thyssenkrupp is joining forces with power plant operator Steag to build a facility for producing green hydrogen on an industrial scale at the western German Steag plant in Duisburg-Walsum.

The proposed new facility will have a capacity of 500 megawatts and will be supplied by green electricity from overland power lines. The resulting hydrogen will then be transported by pipeline to Thyssenkrupp’s steelworks in Bruckhausen, where it will gradually replace carbon.

Initially, 20,000 tons of hydrogen will be used per year, with that figure ballooning to 720,000 tons by 2050. Company officials say that the project will be a boon to the Duisburg area.

“The construction and operation of an electrolysis facility of these dimensions will not only secure Duisburg’s long-term future as a location for steel and energy but also transform the city in one fell swoop into a seeding point for a successful, flourishing green hydrogen economy,” Steag CEO Ralf Schiele told the newsletter energate.

The Steag premises in Duisburg © Steag

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