Study Reveals German Online Shoppers‘ Habits

October 2021

Germany is Europe’s largest market, and Germans have now well and truly discovered their love of e-commerce, but there are national preferences online retailers need to be aware of. That’s according to a new poll conducted by Dutch all-in-one delivery platform Sendcloud of 7500 consumers, 1002 of them from Germany.

The study found out that Germans place relatively high emphasis on reliability, real and perceived. 79 percent of Germans said they wanted to be able to precisely track the status of their orders online – the highest percentage in Europe.

Germans also favor online retailers located in their own country. Only 30 percent of Germans said that they had purchased items from a foreign-based online shop in the past year – far lower than the European average of 45 percent.

The potential rewards of the German market make it well worth exploring.

“Compared with the rest of Europe, Germans spend the most by far per order – more than EUR 152,” Sendcloud CEO Rob van den Heuvel told the German news portal Onlinemarktplatz. “According to our poll, 72 percent of Germans brought products online last year. Although they’re careful when shopping online, they like spending their money on the internet…Retailers have to win the trust of their customers by investing in good delivery with the right options and complete tracking, so that customers know exactly what’s going on.”

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