Successful German Solar Company Turns Attention Back Home

September 2021

Greencells, the developer of solar parks from the southwestern German city of Saarbrücken, has earned a stellar international reputation. It’s active in more than 25 countries and, with an installed capacity of 2.2 gigawatts, is one of Europe’s top ten solar energy companies.

It’s also been put forward by business consultants Ernst&Young for the 2021 Entrepreneur of the Year award in Germany, where for a long time solar power languished in the doldrums.

“For us the German market hardly existed,” Greencells founder Andreas Hoffmann told business newspaper Handelsblatt.

But now the company is launching its first-ever large-scale project in its home regional state of Saarland – the first of many, the firm told Handelsblatt. Greencells more than tripled turnover between 2015 and 2020, and Hoffmann says 2021 is set to be “the best year ever in company history.” The company says it has projects worth EUR 800 million in the pipeline.

Greencells and other companies are benefited from a veritable solar boom at the heart of Europe. In 2020, Germany set a new annual record for the amount of solar power fed into the grid, more than 43 billion kilowatt hours, in only ten months. And PV Magazine says that solar was Germany’s largest electricity source in June of 2021, covering 20.6 percent of the country’s demand.

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