Industrial Hydrogen Fuel Production

June 2020

International consortium norsk e-fuel, which includes Dresden company Sunfire, is set to commence construction on a facility to produce green hydrogen fuel on an industrial scale.

“We’re exiting the pilot phase and entering the commercial one for the first time,” Sunfire CEO Carl Berninghausen told Handelsblatt. “We have to show that this works and is economically viable. Then others will follow our example.”

The production facility will be located in Norway due to that country’s capacity for producing the renewable electricity need to create green hydrogen fuel. Norsk e-fuel aims to commence production with ten million liters in 2023 and increase output to 100 million liters by 2025.

The federal government in Germany recently announced a EUR 9 billion program to promote hydrogen energy. A variety of German companies are already involved in developing hydrogen-energy technology steel giant Thyssen Krupp, which is partnering with energy company RWE on an industrial-scale electrolyzer to sustainably reduce CO2 emissions from steel production.

Sunfire Cooperates with Total

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is considered the number one climate offender as the main greenhouse gas contributing to global warming. But it is also a vital raw ingredient for companies like Dresden startup Sunfire.

Working within the oil refinery of French oil giant Total in Saxony-Anhalt, Sunfire uses the refinery’s emissions to produce synthetic methanol from CO2 and hydrogen.

As one ton of methanol binds 1.4t of CO2, Sunfire calculates it can produce 500t of synthetic methanol over three years.

Methanol is a valuable raw material in the chemical industry that is used to produce plastic, glue and other everyday objects. Total aims to reduce its CO2 emissions by 15 percent by 2030, and is investing heavily in clean technologies such as those of the Dresden start-up.

The oil multinational has already invested several million euros in Sunfire through its venture capital subsidiary Total Energy Ventures.

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