Sustainable Telecommunications

February 2021

Germany’s telecom companies are going green, converting to clean energy to power their networks, antennas, servers and shops.

“We’re emphasizing sustainability, because that’s what our customers and employees and the capital market increasingly demands,” Hannes Ametsreiter, the head of German operations for mobile phone provider Vodafone, told news agency dpa.

Vodafone is spending EUR 25 million over the next five years on sustainable energy certificates and says its policies will reduce its CO2 emissions by 92 percent.

Vodafone competitor Telefónica Deutschland and its mobile phone service brand O2 switched over to one hundred percent green electricity all the way back in 2016. And to compensate for non-renewable electricity in spaces it rents, this company, too, is purchasing certificates in 2021.

Deutsche Telekom is another firm that has converted to clean energy and buys certificates. It is also working with Düsseldorf start-up Mowea to develop small-scale wind turbines for mobile phone transmission masts.

Additional emissions savings are expected from the new network standard 5G, which requires eighty percent less energy than its predecessor 4G.

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