Europe’s Most Powerful Computer Goes Operational in Western Germany

The Forschungszentrum Jülich research center is home to a milestone in quantum computing with more than 5000 qubits. It’s the first of its kind in Europe.

Ethanol-Powered EV Charging Station from Berlin

The lack of charging infrastructure is a major barrier to widespread e-mobility, but one start-up’s solution could be a game changer.

German Plastics Maker Signs Milestone Hydrogen Import Agreement

German plastics manufacturer Covestro has announced the signing of an MoU to buy 100,000 tons of environmental “green hydrogen” a year from Australian producer Fortescue Future Industries (FFI), starting in 2024.

BlackRock Promotes Self as “Clean Energy Partner” for Germany

The Central European subsidiary of private investment firm BlackRock says it can play a key role in achieving Germany’s massively accelerated climate-protection goals.

Hydrogen Is Remaking Germany’s Coal Power Regions

Germany is accelerating its phase-out of coal, bringing massive changes to the country’s historic mining areas.

E&Y Figures Show VC Investment in Germany More Than Tripled in 2021

229 percent – that, according to the Start-Up Barometer of consultants Ernst & Young, was the rise in money invested German start-ups in 2021 compared with the previous year.

Rapid Regional Rebound

Germany is poised for a vigorous economic comeback from coronavirus restrictions, but the business landscape has changed. One of the unexpected winners has been the northeastern port city of Rostock in the regional state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Top Investment 2021 in Saarland

In 2021 the German-French financial group ODDO BHF has decided to open a location in Saarland`s capital Saarbrücken.

Electrical Flying Takes Off in Germany’s East

The eastern German regional state of Brandenburg has invested more than EUR 38.5 million in the Center for Hybrid Electric Systems in Cottbus (CHESCO), a new research institution focusing on environmentally friendly short- to medium-haul flight.

Germany Building Test H2 Pipeline

Construction is starting at a gas works in Lingen in the Emsland region of northern Germany on a pilot pipeline for transporting hydrogen.