Delivery Boom Fuels E-Bike Leasing

In the business world, disruptions not only render the best-laid plans moot. They also open up opportunities for companies nimble enough to think on their feet. Berlin e-bike leasing start-up GetHenry could write a book on that.

Germany Plans Billions for Climate Target Acceleration

The governing German cabinet has agreed upon a revision of the country’s climate protection law that will see it do more sooner to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

Germany Puts €2 Billion into Quantum Computing

The German government has announced a massive five-year investment intended to bolster competitive quantum computer technology and create a surrounding eco-system for users.

Hamburg Researchers Identify Covid-19 Biomarkers

Scientists know that around 19 percent of those infected with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), which causes Covid-19, contract a severe case of the disease. But it’s been difficult to predict which patients are most at risk of life-threatening illness.

Making mRNA Treatments More Effective

Messenger RNA (mRNA) is at the heart of the world’s most effective anti-corona vaccines and has also shown great promise in combatting cancer and other diseases. Now scientists at Germany’s Research Center Jülich, working with pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, have discovered how it can be better administered under the skin.

Germany Trade & Invest’s FDI Reporting 2020

Every year Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI) compiles a report on all the foreign direct investment in Germany the previous year.

Digital Sector in Germany Feeling Optimistic

Bitkom, the main German digital industry association, has registered a significant improvement in the mood of businesses in the branch. The Bitkom monthly index shot up 5.6 points in April, reaching 38.1 points – the highest it’s been since November 2018.

German New Space Startups Double Capital Intake

Germany’s leading industrial association, the BDI, has found that the country’s new space technology market truly is taking off. In a new study, the BDI documented EUR 308 million taken in by the sector in 2020 – nearly double the sum raised in 2019.

Germany’s Smart Cities = Business Opportunities

Urban​ planners love talking about them – but what are Smart Cities​, actually? Why are they so popular in Germany​? And can this trend be a business opportunity​ for you? Our video has the answers.

Germany Initiates €900-million “H2 Global“ Project

The German parliament has approved a supplemental budget directing nearly EUR one billion to the foreign-directed component of the country’s massive National Hydrogen Strategy. The programs funding scope was also extended over the next decade. The project will commence this year.